Joshua + Jessica ⏐ wedding trailer

posted by on February 21, 2013

new orleans wedding video

I’ve always loved and respected traditional New Orleans weddings, steeped in romanticism, strong values + a dedication to family … Jessica + Joshua’s wedding was the perfect example of New Orleans family traditions held close to the heart ..
something borrowed ⏐ Jessica wore her mother’s wedding veil
something old ⏐ in her bouquet she carried her paternal grandmother’s handkerchief, wedding veil + a rosary, a confirmation gift from her grandmother
Parkview Guest House ⏐ Jessica’s great grandparents former home
Holy Name of Jesus ⏐ Jessica’s parents and grandparents were married there < how awesome is that?
I am envious of Jessica + Joshua .. how lucky they are to have not only these cherished family traditions + generational mementos … but for the opportunity to share them, in the present + presence of their vibrant + loving families.

Parkview Guest House ⎸ Holy Name of Jesus Church ⎸ Arte de Vie ⎸ Studio Vieux Carre ⎸ Bella Blooms ⎸ Melissa’s Fine Pastries ⎸ The Topcats