A New Orleans Second Line

posted by on September 13, 2011

In New Orleans, weddings are much different than the rest of the country. For starters, NOLA wedding receptions are usually buffet style, not sit down dinner. Despite the laissez-faire style of the deep south, a lot of New Orleans weddings start at 7pm in the evening and then feature a mad rush to the reception complete with police escorts to ensure the couple gets to their destination on time.
A few other notable differences in New Orleans weddings from those around the country:
-It’s not common in New Orleans to have a cocktail hour.
-Toasts are a rarity for New Orleans natives’ weddings. It’s all about the party.
-Photo sessions between the ceremony and reception are usually no longer than 30 minutes. (That’s including group photos AND portraits of the Bride & Groom)

…and of course one of the most iconic images that people relate to New Orleans is the Second Line.
This “mini-parade” of sorts has been incorporated into New Orleans weddings that take place in the French Quarter. The bride and groom usually exit their ceremony location to be greeted by a marching brass band. The band leads them on the streets of the French Quarter to their reception location.
In order to have a Second Line on the streets of New Orleans you need a permit and a police escort in order to clear the streets ahead of the band.

Check out this Second Line we filmed that started at Jackson Square and ended at Latrobe’s on Royal