We limit our bookings to 40 weddings per year so that we can devote more personalized time to editing your wedding film. Visit our “Contact” page for remaining dates available.

Studio Vieux Carre has been named One of the Top 25 Most Influential Event Filmmaking Studios in the World by EventDV Magazine WeddingWire Rated  +  Featured on ABC’s 20/20

plus countless awards and accolades of recognition from and within the filmmaking industry


Video coverage starting at $2995


includes a Video Journal + a Feature Film

A Video Journal (also known as “long form video”) will be real time documentation/video of your wedding day events:
First Special Dances
Cake Cutting
Garter/Bouquet Toss
And if there are Toasts/Speeches + Second Line, these events will be included also.
Studio Vieux Carre will provide 2 cameras at ceremony, 2 cameras for first hour of reception then 1 camera thereafter.
Your Video Journal length will be dependent on the length of your ceremony + reception activities and/or hours chosen for on location documentation.

Your Feature Film  (also known as a highlights, recap or short form film) perfectly compliments your Video Journal with a compilation of memorable moments creatively edited with a cinematic flare. Easy to share with family and friends, an heirloom of your wedding day event(s). The Feature Film length will be approximately 5-7 minutes in length (depending on the length of your ceremony and/or hours chosen for on location documentation).



your Bridal Preparations
a little of the guys getting ready
a Wedding Trailer
a 20 min. Feature Film
3 cameras at your Ceremony
2 cameras at your Reception
9 Hours of on location wedding day documentation
2 hours of rehearsal dinner (coverage of toasts/speeches)



  • Additional hours of coverage
  • Wedding Trailer
  • Bridal Preparations Coverage
  • Rehearsal Dinner Coverage
  • Same Day Edit
  • Photo Booth – $1095 with a Studio Vieux Carre Package – $1295 as a stand alone.
    View a video of the photo booth in action


**Because your wedding film is a “unique” creation  and 50+ hours of editing goes into each wedding edit, our delivery times are longer than usual. It is our goal to deliver to you a timeless heirloom, therefore we do not allow expedience to affect the quality of the product we deliver.

***Because of the recent and stringent music copyright laws, Studio Vieux Carre will only use licensed music in edited productions. This article emphasizes the issues with using copy righted music: The Ugly side of using copyrighted music in your wedding video